About - FuzzPhotography

FuzzPhotography is Faisal Syed, currently based in Auckland, New Zealand, and specializing in travel and landscape photography (and dabbling in commercial and portrait photography).

I will not bore you with cliches about how I learned to shoot with my dad's film camera when I was 5 (I didn't), or how I like to capture life's precious moments. I take pictures because I want to, because I must. It's just something I do.

Most of the times I shoot because I see something interesting. Sometimes it's beauty, sometimes it's ugliness, sometimes I'm not sure which. Sometimes it's for the memory of the place and mood, sometimes it's for sharing that memory. Sometimes it's the challenge of figuring out how to tell a particular story.

I've lived in Asia, North America, Europe, and now in New Zealand. Photography is my way of documenting my journey through the world and the years. If I could write, I'd probably write about it. But I can't, so I take pictures.

You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram. If you have any questions, please contact me at fuzz@fuzzphotography.com.

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